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When You Need a UPVC Locksmith

If you have a UPVC lock, you probably enjoy knowing that this multipoint lock is doing a great job at keeping you safe. But even these seemingly impenetrable locks can malfunction or have operating difficulties. Before taking matters into your own hands and possibly making things worse, call Putney Locksmith Services for help. These UPVC locksmith pros have seen every possible problem and know exactly how to fix it.

Can a UPVC Lock Be Fixed?

This question can’t be definitively answered until Putney Locksmith Services can assess the problem. Some problems can be fixed within the current mechanism, but other problems may require a complete lock replacement. Nothing lasts forever, and that includes UPVC locks.

Common UPVC Problems

Sometimes when it seems like a lock problem is occurring, the actual issue is with bad alignment. One of the most reported UPVC lock problems are alignment problems.

Gravity and repetitive use can cause a door to drop, causing a misalignment. When the alignment is off, none of the locking points can slide into their designated space. Sometimes the hinges on the door need replacing to be able to realign the locks. Other times the lock parts have shifted and need to be measured back into place.

This kind of repair requires a UPVC locksmith. The professionals at Putney Locksmith Services have done this kind of repair many times before and will know the precise measurements and parts needed to make sure your locks are in working order in no time. And if your lock needs a complete replacement, Putney Locksmith Services have got you covered.

Extreme Hot or Cold

If you live in a climate where you experience extreme heat or cold temperatures, these elements have the potential to cause problems with your UPVC door being able to close and/or lock. Be aware that when the mechanisms are fixed during extreme weather events, the door may require additional adjustments when normal weather conditions return.

If you’re experiencing problems with closing or opening your door while experiencing weather extremes, Putney Locksmith Services can help. From the first adjustment to the last, you won’t be alone or unsafe regardless of the weather.

Everyday Use

Using a UPVC lock multiple times a day every day can wear the mechanism down. Over time, the lock can malfunction in ways that can be concerning. If you insert your key and it doesn’t move, you may have problems with the cylinders in the lock sticking or getting stuck. Sometimes the spring that connects to the multi-point parts will break, resulting in the inability to engage the locks properly. Any number of other issues can occur and you will need a UPVC locksmith to help you get squared away and safe again.


Even without any extreme conditions or structural issues, everyday use of UPVC locks can wear down the lock. Some of the problems may seem significant as they happen, but Putney Locksmith Services are confident that no matter what is happening with your UPVC lock, they’re going to be able to get it fixed.

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