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The Best Home Security Tips For 2022

Home security is just as important as ever. This is especially the case during times of economic uncertainty when more people turn to desperate means to support themselves. Fortunately, most people already have a fairly secure home, but there are still a few changes they could make to improve their safety further.

Here are our top security tips for 2022

Install Quality Locks

Quality locks are one of the most essential components of any home’s security. Without them, other security measures would become useless as intruders easily gain access to your home. If your locks are looking old, it’s probably time to get them upgraded.

Install Security Signs

Deterrence is one of your home security system’s most powerful weapons against burglaries. Potential trespassers are far less likely even to try to break into your home if they know you have security systems installed – so let them know. Install signs, stickers, and other features that let people know your home is secure.

Install Security Cameras

Security cameras are another effective deterrent because people will know they’re in trouble if caught breaking in on camera. It’s a good idea to have cameras covering all entry/exit points and cameras on key points in your home.

Outdoor Motion Activated Lighting

Potential intruders might find places to hide outside your home, allowing them to get closer unnoticed. However, outdoor motion-activated lighting will help raise the alert to a trespasser outside. The intruder is then likely to try to leave the area as soon as possible, leaving you and your property unharmed.

Install Video Doorbells and Speakers

Some break-ins involve people forcing their way into a home after opening the door. The elderly and single women are often targets of this type of crime because they’re less likely to keep the intruders out. Security chains can help but still present a relative weak spot that can be used by a forceful enough person. However, if you install video doorbells and speakers, people in the house can speak with and see those outside without unlocking the door.

Get an Alarm System

Intruders typically don’t like having a lot of attention bought to their presence, and alarms can bring a lot of attention indeed. Most burglars would react by getting out of the area as quickly as possible to avoid being caught by the police. Modern alarm systems can also be connected with security services, helping to ensure a quick response if your alarm is triggered.


No matter which home security systems you have in place, checking your home each night is one of the most effective ways of keeping you and your family safe. Check that all doors and windows are secure and that there’s no easy way of gaining entry.

However, using one or more of the above recommendations will help. Invest in technology that keeps your home safe and let others know that your home is protected. With the appropriate precautions and home security tools, you and your family can sleep well at night knowing you’re well protected.

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