Emergency Locksmith in Putney

Available 24/7

Need to gain access to your property? We’ve got the solutions for you.
No matter the situation, whether you’ve locked yourself out at the dead of night, lost your keys, or maybe the lock has just stopped working, our  locksmiths are here to help! Our lock experts will address your needs to provide you with the most cost effective and suitable solution.
SMS Locksmith provides emergency lock opening services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the Putney area. One of our fully qualified London locksmiths will arrive at any location within 30mins to gain access to your property or open locks. Our lock opening service is free of call-out charges too!
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Lock Picking and bypass

Have you locked yourself out?  Locks or safes failing to open? Left the key inside when grabbing a delivery or food?

We offer fast & reliable emergency locksmith services any time, day or night. There is nothing more irritating than coming home from a long day out, to a door that wont open.  Imagine struggling for hours to unlock the door, all of your efforts resulting in a failed attempt. No one wants to have their schedule affected by such unfortunate events. We understand how tedious this can be, so we offer you our professional residential lock-out services. We use up to date tools to bypass or pick your lock where possible.

Lock Slipping

Can your lock be slipped? Have your heard of lock slipping or or popping? Well it may be possible on your front door.

We will always attempt to slip your lock first, this is the cheapest and quickest way to gain access in a ‘slam lock’ situation. We’ve seen many people try to slip it themselves, resulting in broken or lost credit cards. Even in cases where you know it’s possible but don’t have the correct tools, we have the best tools for the job and can complete it within record time.
It’s non destructive, meaning no extra charges involved and no damage guaranteed to the door or the lock.
You will only be charged a minimal labour charge that saves you hours of trying to break in yourself or possibly loosing/ damaging your card.

Lock Drilling

Drilling locks is a method of destructive entry, that means using it on a lock will break it and require a replacement. Drilling is typically the last resort. Some locks require special consideration before drilling. Without understanding the locking mechanism, it is counterproductive to drill the lock.

Drilling the lock should not take place until a suitable replacement can be obtained and the new lock installation can run smoothly. We will always offer our customers a selection of replacement locks to choose from, and our locksmiths are fully qualified and understand the mechanics of locks, enabling them to confidently drill without damaging the door or your property.