24/7 Locksmith services in Putney and the surrounding areas

Locksmith services in Putney

Need a locksmith service in Putney? We can have a locksmith with you in 30-45 mins max in case of locksmith emergency. There is no need to wait to do a job and we provide a discount for jobs scheduled only 3 hours in advance. 

Emergency Locksmith services

Being locked out can be a stressful situation, we aim to remove all the stress and get you back in your house ASAP. We can have a locksmith with you in 30-45 mins max. and provide a one year warranty.

Local Locksmith services

Being based in Putney we can provide a genuine local mobile locksmith service. We use only the best quality locks and can supply British made locks. We advise to always install British Standard locks and will provide free insurance advice. 

Our locksmith services in Putney

Lock change Service in Putney

Does your lock need changing? It is best to have the professional do the job, we’ll change and provide the new lock which comes with a one year warranty. 

Lock Repair in Putney

Is your lock malfunctioning? Is it misaligned, starting to jam? The key is getting stuck? Our expert locksmith can have a look at your lock to see if it can be repaired. You don’t always have to replace it.

Locked out service in Putney

Shut the door behind you or lost your keys? Don’t want to be stranded outside your home? Call us now and we’ll be with you as soon as 30 minutes to let you back into your home. We use non-destructive entry where possible. 

Broken key removal

Did your key break inside the lock? It’s not always the fault of the lock. We can help you remove the broken key from your lock. Sometimes doing it yourself can make things worse, making it harder for the locksmith when you eventually call them. 


Putney lock replacement service
Locksmith services in Putney
Business/office locks

Our services are available for residential and commercial customers. Need to change locks? Looking to install lockers, masterkey systems? We can assist you with all your needs.

After Burglary Repair

Has your home been burgled? Is your door damaged leaving you worried about overnight security? We can complete on the spot security reinforcements so that you can sleep peacefully at night.

Window Locks

Lost your window lock key? Worried burglars could enter through your window and want to install window locks? Our expert technician can help you upgrade your window lock security. 

Fire security

Fire doors, doors to properties with multiple occupants, door closers, Perkos and locks that can be opened from within without a key. 

Locked in

Are you locked in and can’t open the door? Is the door jammed shut? We can be at your home and help you get out as soon as 30 minutes. 

Postbox locks

Lost your postbox lock key? Is your post susceptible to getting stolen? Want to upgrade your postbox lock? Our locksmith can help you with all your postbox lock queries.

Bedroom locks

Need to install a lock on the bedroom door? Lost the bedroom lock key? Want to change the bedroom lock? We have the solution for you.

Lock upgrade

Want to upgrade your security? The best way is to upgrade your front door locks as they are your first line of defence against unwanted intruders. We always recommend upgrading to British Standard locks as they are insurance grade. 

Emergency Door Repairs
Emergency Locksmith Services
Lock Change & Upgrade

Have you been burgled in Putney? Was there an attempted burglary? Has your door been broken down by emergency services? Do you need an emergency temporary solution to keep your home safe?

We carry spare wood in our vehicles to board up and repair damaged doors to ensure that not even one night goes by where you are not secure in your own home.

We’ll make sure to leave you safe for at least a few days giving you time to find the best solution for a new door.

Once we have repaired your door we will make sure that you have at least one functioning lock that is safe, to secure your property so you can take your time finding the right door for your home.

Have your keys been stolen and you need to change your locks in a rush? Is your lock jammed and you’re worried it may not open again once you shut your door? Has there been a break-in in your area and your looking to upgrade security as fast as possible? Locked out?

These are all scenarios where an emergency locksmith service in Putney is needed. In this instance we are prepared for just about anything. From lock opening to lock installations our locksmiths have all the necessary tools and knowledge to carry out the emergency locksmith service you require. 

We don’t charge a call out charge and we offer a one year warranty……

So what are you waiting for? 

Give us a call and one of our handy on call locksmith will be with you shortly.

You have been thinking about it for a while. It’s a question that is on every homeowner or landlords mind – Is my home safe?

You have been looking for a reliable locksmith to give you advice on your new property or even to change locks for your new tenants who are moving in next week. 

Well look no further.

Our locksmiths carry a large range of locks at all times and we can order special order locks from outside the UK when needed. We also offer key’d alike locks, masterkey systems and British Standard locks of course. 

Nine times out of ten we already have the lock you need in our vehicles and can even offer you alternatives or give you a few options depending on your  home or office security requirements.