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Wimbledon Locksmith – SW19

SMS Wimbledon Locksmith

SMS Emergency Wimbledon Locksmith services 

SMS Wimbledon Locksmith Dispatch point – A219,  SW19 and at your door within 30 minutes. 

24/7 services

  • Non destructive Entry
  • Locks Supplied & fitted
  • After burglary repairs
  • Residential & Commercial
  • Door refurbish & carpentry
  • Car lock outs
  • Free estimates & advice
  • Fast, friendly, local service
  • Home insurance & security advice
  • Lock opening & Lockouts

SMS residential Locksmith services 

  • Non destructive Entry
  • Locks Supplied & fitted
  • After burglary repairs
  • Post box locks
  • Door refurbishment & carpentry
  • Window locks
  • Free estimates & advice
  • Fast, friendly, local service
  • Home insurance & security advice
  • Lock opening & Lockouts

SMS business Locksmith services 

  • Fully insured work
  • Locks Supplied & fitted
  • Internal door locks
  • Re-key service
  • Restricted key zones
  • Commercial vehicle lock outs
  • Free estimates & advice
  • Key-holding services
  • Master-key service
  • Lock opening & Lockouts
  • Handles & Door furniture

SMS Locksmiths

Local, affordable and reliable 

When it comes to your business and home, security should be of paramount concern. This means securing your points of entry so that no unauthorised person can get through. For this, you need to install quality locks. We have qualified locksmiths that can get to your property whenever you need help changing locks, or securing your doors and windows. We can also assist in the event of lockouts and when you want to make security upgrades to your property.

Repairing and Replacement of Locks

Whether it is due to ordinary wear and tear or forced entry, it is not unusual for a lock to become damaged. In many instances, minor repairs may be sufficient to restore your lock to good working order. Other times, you may need to have certain components or even the entire lock replaced.

Our locksmiths are trained and experienced in handling lock repairs and replacements for all kinds of locks. They also carry along a selection of British standard locks that can be immediately installed if necessary. This ensures that not only will your property be properly secured, but that they meet the expectations of your insurance policy.

If you have a broken key stuck in a lock, we can also quickly and safely extract it, allowing you to comfortably keep using the same lock until you are ready for an upgrade. If you are hoping to make an upgrade to your existing locks, we can recommend better options for better peace of mind. If not already in our stocks, we can place an order for their delivery and return to make the appropriate installation.


It is commonplace to find yourself locked out of your home or office. It can be frustrating to see that the keys lie just out of reach. The situation can however be dangerous if you have left a small child or pet roaming about inside, or something cooking on the stove.

These are situations which will require emergency locksmith services. We can send out a locksmith to your location, anywhere within the Wimbledon area, within 30 minutes. This will quickly get you back inside and avoid further damage. We make use of non-destructive techniques that will ensure your lock is not damaged and that you can continue using it as normal thereafter in the case of most slam locked doors.

Window and Door Repair

Windows and doors can often be damaged due to forced entry during a lockout or burglary. They can also be damaged during bad weather. Whatever the circumstance, our locksmiths can help to make repairs so that your points of entry into the property are fully secure.

If the damage is minor, our locksmiths will typically have the tools needed to make repairs and restore finishing. If the damage to the lock, door, window, or frames is extensive, we may need to order for replacements. This may mean having to temporarily board up the area for security and returning later to perfume the installation once the necessary materials are delivered.

Why Choose SMS Locksmiths Putney

  •   Non-destructive re-entry for 90% of lockouts
  •   24/7 availability
  •   12-month guarantee on parts and labour
  •   Comprehensive locksmith services including door and window repairs
  •   Skilled, experienced, and courteous locksmiths at your service
  •   Quick, reliable, and affordable services on demand
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