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SMS Emergency Streatham Locksmith services 

SMS Streatham Locksmith Dispatch point – A23,  SW16 and at your door within 30 minutes. 

24/7 services

  • Non destructive Entry
  • Locks Supplied & fitted
  • After burglary repairs
  • Residential & Commercial
  • Free estimates & advice
  • Fast, friendly, local service
  • Home insurance & security advice
  • Lock opening & Lockouts

SMS residential Locksmith services 

  • Non destructive Entry
  • Locks Supplied & fitted
  • After burglary repairs
  • Post box locks
  • Door refurbishment & carpentry
  • Window locks
  • Free estimates & advice
  • Fast, friendly, local service
  • Home insurance & security advice
  • Lock opening & Lockouts

SMS business Locksmith services 

  • Fully insured work
  • Locks Supplied & fitted
  • Internal door locks
  • Re-key service
  • Restricted key zones
  • Commercial vehicle lock outs
  • Free estimates & advice
  • Key-holding services
  • Master-key service
  • Lock opening & Lockouts
  • Handles & Door furniture

SMS Locksmiths

Local, affordable and reliable 

For fast and professional locksmith services look no further than SMS Locksmiths. Whether you are struggling to get back into your house due to mistakenly locking yourself out or if you have been burglarised, our Streatham locksmiths are always ready to help resolve the problem.

We offer quick emergency locksmith services thanks to our local locksmiths who can get to just about any client in the Streatham area within 30 minutes. With just a phone call you can have one of our Streatham locksmiths at your door and fully equipped with the necessary equipment that to repair or replace your lock.

Our range of services includes lock repair, lock replacement, lock upgrade, non-destructive entry for lockouts, broken key removal and much more. We also offer professional advice on all security-related matters for both residential and commercial properties. Securing your premises is the best way to ensure peace of mind and deter those that have ill intentions.

Our expert locksmiths can be found operating in and around Streatham in South London and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This ensures that no matter the emergency, they can get to you quickly.

If the emergency involves burglary or vandalism that has damaged your door and its lock, we can also provide emergency boarding services that will block off the entryway as you seek approval for a door repair or replacement invoice from your insurer. Our mobile locksmiths are equipped with the necessary tools and materials to securely board up your home and deter further criminal acts so your property is safeguarded.

So, whether you need a lock replaced because it is acting up or to consult on what upgrades you can make to better secure your property, our team is at your service, day or night. We utilise quality locks from well-established brands that meet British Standards and rely on the skills of locksmiths that are fully trained and experienced in handling them. All our hardware and labour come with a 12-month warranty that promises greater peace of mind and value for money.

Lock repairs

Has your lock begun to stick due to wear and tear or did your child mistakenly fool around with the lock and now it no longer works right? No matter the reason, locks will often become problematic but need a professional to carry out repairs so they do not go to waste. They can often be easily mixed with simple manipulation or replacement of a few parts to get them back in good working condition. Our Streatham locksmiths are well-versed in the mechanisms of all types of locks and can quickly determine if all that is required is lock repairs.

Lock replacement

In some cases, the extent of damage to the lock may require that it be replaced as repair is no longer a viable option. Once our locksmith experts have examined the lock, they can advise you on the need to make such lock replacements.

Our mobile locksmiths are equipped with a wide selection of replacement locks and parts for all major brands like Union, Yale, Chubb, and Legge locks. Whatever type of lock and door you have, our locksmiths possess the skills and materials to ensure that after a replacement your property is fully secured.

Lock upgrade

Many property owners may find that even without having a damaged lock, it is time to consider making a lock change or upgrade. Like any other technology, locks will often become more advanced and secure with each generation of new designs.

Our local locksmiths are equipped with a variety of high-security locks that can help enhance the security of your property. You can freely consult with us on the benefits of opting for a lock upgrade. If you source for the lock of your choice through us, we will ensure you secure the necessary hardware at the most competitive price in the market.


Getting locked out or locked into your home or office can be distressing when you have to get on with your day and have no convenient way of trying to get back in. Thankfully, you can call on our emergency locksmith services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our mobile locksmiths can get to about any location in Streatham within 30 minutes to quickly get you back into your premises.

We specialise in non-destructive entry that ensures you can continue to use the same locks and house keys, without worrying about the added expense of having to replace a broken lock. We recommend not tampering with your lock if you are locked out or in. Just give us a call and we will get to you fast.

Residential Locksmith

Our homes are a priority when it comes to security. There is always a desire to ensure that our loved ones and possessions are never tampered with. However, even in our own home, there are still threats to be concerned about.

At SMS Locksmiths, we offer residential locksmith services that will help in ensuring your doors and windows are well-secured with quality locks that are properly installed. We are also easily available in the event of an emergency like being locked out of your home. Lockouts may not seem urgent until you realise that you left the stove on.

We are a trusted locksmith company whose invoices are widely accepted by home insurers. Get in touch with our team to find out how you can improve your home security and whenever you need lock repair, lock replacement, lock upgrade or emergency locksmith services.

Commercial Locksmith

Business premises can easily be targeted for theft, vandalism and other criminal acts. Even where there may be a security guard, it is logical to ensure there are quality locks in place to protect your investment. Our highly skilled and experienced locksmiths provide quality locksmith services in Streatham that can cater to all the needs of commercial premises. All our local locksmiths are DBS-checked. We consider these background checks necessary in a business where we are invited to provide security services in our customers’ homes and business premises.

We offer a wide selection of emergency and non-emergency locksmith services for commercial premises including lock repair, lock replacement, lock upgrades, after-burglary services and security consults. We can also assist in setting up master keys for premises with many locks and in need of a backup system. Besides entryways, we can also handle all lock-related tasks for internal doors, windows, cabinets, and lockers.

Emergency locksmith services

Emergencies are by nature unpredictable and can happen at any time. To ensure you always have assistance when you need it, we offer a 24/7 locksmith service. Our local locksmiths in Streatham are available and accessible to all our customers around the clock.

We can get to any location in the district within 30 minutes, ensuring that you get help fast. Our mobile locksmith service ensures our teams travel in a vehicle loaded with all the necessary tools and hardware needed to complete most jobs on the first visit. No need to delay repairs as the equipment and most replacement parts are also availed.

After Burglary Services

After a burglary incident, there is often damage to entryways that needs to be fixed. It could be broken locks or damaged doors and windows. Whatever the damage, you will need to have the areas boarded up as a temporary security measure as you wait on your home insurance to approve the cost of repairs.

We offer boarding services that ensure any damaged entryway is covered up to avoid intrusion. A local locksmith will be promptly dispatched to your location, equipped with the necessary tools and materials to securely board up the damaged door or window and provide you with an invoice for any repairs and replacements that may need to be carried out.

Once approved, we can then move on to emergency burglary repairs. We also provide home security consultations that can help in identifying vulnerabilities in your home security system and recommend upgrades. 

Home security

If you have any concerns about your current home security systems, you can consult with us for advice on what other security measures you can apply to your situation. We offer free consultation services you can take advantage of to determine if you may require certain upgrades. We can send our expert Streatham locksmiths to assess your premises and make recommendations on how to enhance your security.

Our locksmiths are equipped with a wide selection of high-security locks that can be immediately used to replace your old locks and boost the safety of your premises. New locks are a worthwhile investment as they are typically an improvement on older designs and thus more difficult for intruders or burglars to get past.

Why choose SMS Locksmiths


We offer the most competitively priced locksmith services in Streatham. Our free estimates and free phone consultations also help to limit the costs for our clients. We endeavour to source our hardware directly from manufacturers and official distributors, helping to cut out the middleman and thus deliver products at the lowest cost possible.

By equipping our mobile locksmiths so they can carry out most repairs and replacements on the first visit, we help to further minimise the cost of labour which can add up when the good locksmith has to return. We also understand that desperate situations should not be exploited and thus do not charge a call-out fee for emergency locksmith services.

Speed and convenience

Our locksmiths in Streatham are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No matter when your emergency occurs, our locksmiths are constantly available and will get to you within 30 minutes if within the Streatham area.

They operate using work vehicles that are equipped with all the equipment needed to carry out most repair and replacement jobs. This improves the chances that most issues can be resolved on the first visit.


SMS Locksmiths are fully qualified, vetted and experienced. They can handle all types of locks including mortice locks, cylinder locks, deadlocks, Euro cylinder locks, and more. They are also familiar with all the major lock brands, with a keen understanding of how their mechanisms work and thus how to effect non-destructive entry and repairs.

Whether you want an upgrade to your security system or have just been locked out of the house, our locksmiths have all the expertise needed to resolve any lock-related problem. Our locksmith company is also well-regarded by insurers who consistently approve our invoices and receipts for home insurance claims. Our locksmiths are also duly insured and DBS certified.

Dependable warranty

For greater peace of mind, we provide a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty for all new locks and other parts that we supply. We also offer a 12-month warranty on labour that serves as an assurance of the quality of our locksmiths’ workmanship.

Comprehensive service

Our clients have long appreciated being able to rely on us for all lock and door-related security issues for both their residential and commercial premises. We offer a comprehensive range of locksmith services for both emergency and non-emergency situations. With us, you will find that all locksmith services can be provided under the same roof and at the most competitive pricing.

Easy communication

You can contact our team through various channels including by calling, through text or by email. You can also look up our physical location and visit our offices for further assistance. As part of our quality service, our team will make every effort to ensure good communication with clients and seek to understand your needs before offering possible solutions.

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