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Locksmith Near Me Putney

For professional locksmith services when you need them, get in touch with SMS Locksmiths today. Whether you have lost keys, have a broken lock, need a new lock installed, or even require safe repairs, we are sure to have a qualified locksmith in Putney SW15 that can fix your problems.

Our locksmith business provides emergency locksmith services at any time of the day or night for home and business premises in Putney SW15. With a fast response time of as little as 30 minutes to most locations in the South West London area, you will not have to worry about being locked out for long.

Our professional locksmiths in Putney are trained and qualified to handle lock installations and repairs on all kinds of doors. From rim cylinders on timber to euro cylinder locks for uPVC windows and doors, our expertise extends beyond even locks to include carpentry, joinery and other mechanical and electrical skills.

With our talented team of locksmiths Putney residents are assured that no matter how complicated the job, we can provide a comprehensive service that will leave them with a quality finish.

Many unfortunate incidents can happen and cause you to require locksmith services. Suffering a broken door lock or smashed glass from sliding doors after a break in, locking your keys in your car, or even just wanting to upgrade the door locks on your property are all common occurrences and are best served by having a properly trained Putney locksmith on hand.

Types of Locksmith Services

Lock Installation

First-time lock installations on new properties or upgrades should be done by professionals. Not only will this ensure the new locks are installed to manufacturer specifications, but also allow for the property owner to be suitably advised on what type of lock is best suited to their property.

Whether the lock is for the main door or the bathroom, we can send in a locksmith near you to offer advice on the best options in the market, after taking into consideration your preferences and budget.

Our locksmiths in Putney are knowledgeable in the various lock brands and mechanisms in the market and stock a wide selection of locks to choose from. No job is too large or small for a Putney locksmith, be it installing door chains in a home or new door locks for commercial premises.

Each locksmith in Putney also possesses all the specialist tools that locksmiths need to carry out a professional job, including a professional lock picking set. We also undertake door refurbishing and carpentry services for a clean finish so the final result is presentable. If you require a locksmith near or in South West London for installation service, get in touch with our customer service team today.

Lock Picking & Slipping

If you have forgotten your keys and been locked out of your home or business premises, our locksmiths in Putney will be able to help you get back in. We provide lock opening, picking, and slipping services that seek to ensure that your lock is not damaged as we use our specialist tools and expertise to help you gain entry.

If you have a broken key stuck in the lock, we may also be able to extract it and replace the key so you do not suffer added expense for a lock change. The same goes for other types of faulty locks.

This specialised service is aimed at ensuring that your door lock is not damaged and you can continue to use it as normal once you have your keys back in hand. We recommend not trying this on your own as the more you tamper with a lock without the relevant expertise or the correct existing key, the more likely you are to cause irreversible damage and eventually need the lock to be replaced.

Lock Replacement

If your lock has suffered damage, such as during a break in, or you are looking to make an upgrade, we can help provide the requisite lock replacement. Our team is knowledgeable in the different types makes and models of locks in the market and can capably install whatever option you prefer.

You can also rely on our experience and knowledge of the industry to inform you of what options are most suited to your property needs.

Window and Door Repairs

Whether it is due to a break in, harsh weather conditions, or having to force your way back onto your property, you may find yourself in need of a door lock or window lock repair. More so if it is an exterior entry point that is affected.

Neglecting a damaged door or window lock is risky as this kind of situation can entice others to break in, burglarise, and vandalise your property. If the property is unoccupied, damaged door and window locks can even encourage undesirables to use the property as a drug den or for squatting. Always act fast to secure your property as soon as you discover a damaged door or window.

We offer emergency locksmith services with qualified professional locksmiths available 24/7. Not only can we quickly repair or replace the damaged lock, but we can also advise you on other security measures you can take to make your property safe.

Emergency Locksmith Service

Sometimes mishaps occur when you least expect them. You may have been in a hurry and absentmindedly locked the house or car with the keys within. Worse off, it can happen at the oddest hours. This is where our emergency locksmith service comes in. Our locksmiths work 24 hour shifts so that whenever and wherever you are in Putney, you can get the help you need.

We provide a fast response time of less than 30 minutes to most locations in and around Putney SW15. So whether our emergency crops up day or night, you can rely on locksmith services to sort you out. We do not charge a call out fee for locksmith services in Putney.

Safe Opening and Repairs

If you have lost or damaged your safe key, we can help you regain access to your valuables fast. Our locksmiths in Putney are qualified safe technicians that are familiar with a wide range of safe makes and models including Chubb, Victory Safe, and Sentry.

Our expertise allows us to find a way to open your safe without causing damage. We also offer safe repair services where your safe may have jammed and is no longer responding to the use of the right key or combination. We offer lock picking and manipulation services that allow us to open up safes and examine their mechanisms to figure out the cause of the problem. Many cases require minor work to get them working properly.

Why Choose SMS Locksmiths


Our team of skilled locksmiths has many years of experience in handling new lock installations, door and window repair, safe repair, key cutting, frame repair fire doors and much more. We also have expertise in other related carpentry, mechanical and electrical fields that come in handy when dealing with installs and repairs that involve additional work to the structure.

We are experienced in handling work on various types of locks including heavy-duty mortice locks and deadlocks. Our locksmiths are also trained in undertaking installations and repairs for all makes and models of locks from major brands like Yale, Union, Chubb, Legge, ASSA, and Mul-T-Lock. Our familiarity with all major brands ensures we are capable of helping our clients with locksmith services when they need them.

Our expertise also makes us qualified to offer security advice on everything from the best types of locks to install to what design of burglary security system will work best for your property. If considering installing a CCTV system with high security locks to enhance your home or business security, we can help with that. Depending on your needs we can offer as simple or comprehensive a locksmith service as desired.  

All Day Availability

Our services are available 24/7. We know that emergencies like broken door locks and faulty uPVC windows can crop up at any time of the day and it can be a nightmare to imagine having to wait till sun up or the end of the weekend to get help. Our locksmith service is accessible any time of day and day of the week, including weekends and bank holidays.

Wherever you are located in the Putney SW15 area, we can get a locksmith to you fast. Our teams are on the move throughout the day and night so chances are help may be nearer than you think. If you need urgent help, call our customer service team and we will send someone to you immediately.

If the situation is not urgent, you can also schedule an appointment for whatever time of day that is most convenient for you.

No Call Out Fee

We understand that security matters in a home or even business premises can be unplanned for. Hence the need for affordable and reliable service that will safeguard your property and occupants. In interests of helping our clients afford this specialist service, we do not charge a call out fee for even emergency locksmith services.

Engaging a local locksmith is another great way to ensure affordability. Our team is locally based in Putney SW15 and serves clients throughout South West London. If you reside or have a commercial property in this area that requires locksmith services, we can get to you in as short a time as possible.

Safety First

Our doors and windows are vulnerable points of entry into homes and businesses. They need to have working locks that ensure you do not have to worry intruders will bypass. If you have concerns because of faulty locks or want to upgrade your security system, we can help you improve the situation to the point you feel more secure.

Our many years of experience and training in the locksmith industry make us able to provide relevant and competent security advice on what you can do to safeguard your property. we will work to address your security concerns within the budget you have.

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