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Lock Adjusting and Repairs—When Do You Need Them?

Everyone who cares about their safety—as well as the safety of those they care about—makes sure that they can lock their doors. But sometimes locks fail or don’t operate properly. A faulty lock can leave a person feeling uneasy and unsafe.

Lock adjusting and repairs help keep people and their loved ones safe and secure. Life has a habit of throwing unexpected situations your way, but Putney Locksmith Services are here to help when it comes to your lock needs.

New Home, Old Roommate

In any case where someone is moving into or out of a location, the event should always be accompanied by a call to Putney Locksmith Services. Anyone who owned your home before you as well as the realtor is likely to have a spare key for your home’s locks. If you shared a home with someone and they moved out, they probably have their copy of the key stuffed somewhere in their moving boxes.

If you think about all of the potential people who may have a key to access your home, it can be terrifying. Calling Putney Locksmith Services to have your locks changed is the only way to restore your sense of safety.

The Latch Isn’t Catching

Sometimes a lock gets to the point that it just won’t latch the right way. If your lock isn’t latched, you aren’t safe.

A fix for a lock that won’t latch is largely dependent on the cause of the malfunction. Sometimes your locksmith from Putney Locksmith Services just has to do some tightening of components in the lock mechanism to realign them. For bigger problems, it might take a little more time—but getting them fixed right away is critical to restoring your sense of security.

Frozen and Frosty

If you live anywhere where temperatures plunge low enough to make frost and snow show up, you have the potential to experience frozen locks. Both interior and exterior locks can freeze up and Putney Locksmith Services can help you identify both the problem and the solution to free up your lock. Hiring a professional can ultimately save you time and money, especially if the problem requires any tinkering with the lock mechanism itself.

Broken Key

The moment a person realizes that their key just broke off in a lock makes time seem to stand still. Keys don’t usually break leaving a nice, long neck that can be pulled out with some sturdy pliers. When a key breaks off, it likes to get stuck just out of reach.

Putney Locksmith services should be your first call when you break your key off in the lock. Trying to remove it yourself is likely to cause damage to the lock itself, creating even bigger problems than a broken key. Your locksmith has tools specifically designed to get your key out of the lock without doing any damage.


When your lock stops doing its job, your safety and sense of security are compromised. You deserve to feel safe at all times. Putney Locksmith Services will help rectify your situation quickly and thoroughly, helping you to feel safe again.

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