Faulty Lock Replacement Putney

Do you have a lock that doesn’t work correctly? You’ll know if you have a faulty lock problem when the lock refuses to latch correctly or at all. Sometimes the lock may move slowly or get stuck in place, making it difficult to move. That happens a lot with deadbolts in particular.

Locks can become faulty due to age and excessive use. Door misalignment and improper fittings can also put more unnecessary stress on your locks. But if you suffered a recent break-in, then your locks are probably damaged. Whatever the reason for your faulty lock problem, you need a professional locksmith to resolve the issue quickly and efficiently.

SMS Locksmiths Putney is an emergency faulty lock replacement company in Putney. If you have a broken or damaged lock that doesn’t function correctly, then our locksmiths can replace it for you at any time. We have several high-quality locks in our inventory to accommodate your doors and home insurance requirements. All our locks are British Standard locks to ensure their durability and longevity.

If you have a faulty lock on your door, you need to replace it immediately. Otherwise, you run the risk of leaving your property unsecured and vulnerable to intrusion. Our locksmith company is DBS checked/insured and verified for our professionalism and dedication to customer service. In addition, we offer up to a one-year manufacturer’s warranty on all new locks installed in your doors.

Would you like to request a faulty lock replacement service? You can reach our customer service team at 0203 151 5771 or email us at locksmith@smslocksmith.co.uk.

Broken Door and Frame Repairs

While on site we will be able to provide you with a professional board up service. This means when we leave you can fee safe and secure in your home, knowing your locks and door are reinforced and you can take your time choosing your new door. There is often a lot of pressure after a burglary to replace items and complete full repairs. Our service provides you that peace of mind to take your time in choosing your new door if you need to. We can provide all the locks you may need on site, so if only your lock is damaged, we can repair or replace it permanently. 

Our locksmith will also always clean up after himself leaving you feeling happy in your home despite the cicurmstantces. He will also wear gloves where required as the police will usually take fingerprints. 

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