After burglary door repairs in and around Putney

Our service enables you a 24 hour access to top quality burglary repairs. Our trusted local burglary repair experts can attend at your Putney home or commercial premises within 30 minutes.  We also cover nearby postcode areas like, SW14, SW13, SW16, SW18 and more.

If you recently experienced an attempted burglary and need an emergency door, lock or frame repair call us at 0203-151-5771.
SMS Putney offers 24/7 fast and reliable after burglary repairs services. We provide temporary boarding up and permanent repairs of locks after burglaries. One of our skilled technicians can attend at your location within 30mins to provide you with professional boarding up of your damaged door or frame. In case any locks are damaged we can replace them too. If a straight forward repair using the materials we usually stock in our vehicles won’t be enough to provide a long term solution and your door or frame need a replacement, we can re-attend the same or following working day to provide any required installations.

The condition of your doors can impact the functionality of your locks tremendously. The problem usually lies with the hinges if they are misaligned or deteriorated. Either that or you could have suffered a break-in recently where the burglar damaged your UPVC door upon entry.

If you have door issues causing your locks to malfunction, you need to hire a locksmith specialising in door repair services. SMS Locksmiths Putney has a team of dedicated locksmithing professionals who have repaired UPVC doors and locks for many years. We have the knowledge, tools, equipment, and experience to repair doors quickly and restore the functionality of their locking mechanisms in the process.

Door repair could involve the following tasks:

  • Locking mechanism repair
  • Door hinge repair and stabilisation
  • Door handle repair

The specific door problems will be determined upon our assessment of it. Sometimes it can be a matter of old age that causes wear and tear on the hinges and locks. If any of these components need replacement, we can perform the service immediately.

In addition, our locksmiths always bring an inventory of spare hinges, locks, and other vital parts for repairing doors. So you can feel confident that we’ll have your door repairs performed quickly and efficiently.

SMS Locksmiths Putney is DBS checked and verified as part of our professional recruitment process. We offer 24/7 emergency door repair services so that you can submit your service request at any time. 

Are you ready to submit a request or ask questions? If so, you can reach us at 0203 151 5771 or email us at

Broken Door and Frame Repairs

While on site we will be able to provide you with a professional board up service. This means when we leave you can fee safe and secure in your home, knowing your locks and door are reinforced and you can take your time choosing your new door. There is often a lot of pressure after a burglary to replace items and complete full repairs. Our service provides you that peace of mind to take your time in choosing your new door if you need to. We can provide all the locks you may need on site, so if only your lock is damaged, we can repair or replace it permanently. 

Our locksmith will also always clean up after himself leaving you feeling happy in your home despite the cicurmstantces. He will also wear gloves where required as the police will usually take fingerprints. 

Looking for an emergency door repair nearby

Look no further, just call us on 020-3151-5771 or
Door secure after burglary

Securing doors in Putney

We provide a free security survey on every job. This can be incredibly important especially after a burglary. We can secure both residential and commercial properties in the area.

Opening damaged doors in Putney

Sometimes doors can be so damaged they're difficult to open. We provide both wooden and UPVC door opening and repairs.

Local door repairs in & around Putney

We are genuinely local. This means we can be at your door within 30 mins or less ensuring you are never waiting too long.

What to do after a burglary?

There are a few steps to take straight after a burglary.

1. Stay calm and don’t touch anything – A burglary can be a traumatic event but it’s already happened and to get stressed about it won’t do any good. Trying to relax and staying focused on the next steps should be a priority.

2. Call the police/ Inform your Landlord  – If you are not the Landlord, now would be the time to let them know. Once done and if you are not the Landlord call the police and report the burglary. You’ll need to have the police taking finger prints and make necessary assessments prior to inviting the locksmith for doing the burglary repairs. Confirm with them if you can call your local Putney door repair/ Locksmith. 

3. Have your burglary repaired  – Whether the insurance will cover it or not it’s best to not keep living in an unsecured property. There will most likely be damage that will need to be repaired in order to secure the door.  Therefore have your locks and doors properly secured. If needed have your door repaired and additional locks installed to ensure this never happens again. Click here to contact us for advice.

4. Contact the insurance – Once you have the report from the police (Step 2) and your property secured by the locksmith/glazier contact your insurer. You might need to provide them with receipts so keep any records made by the police and get an invoice for the repairs made by the tradespeople.

5. Replace your items – Now you can go about replacing the lost items. With a secure property you should feel more comfortable and should be less at risk, provided you have taken the correct measures.