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Door Repairs Putney

As a matter of urgency after you have discovered a burglary has occurred, you need to get door repairs done. If you have a home or business premises in the Putney SW15 area that has been burglarized, you can call on us to help secure the property.

Burglary repairs are important as properties that are left with damaged windows and doors may be burglarised again or even vandalised. Given that most homes and businesses have main doors facing the street or a gate, it does not take much prying to realise that an entryway has been compromised.

If the damage done during the burglary was serious and requires major work, we also offer boarding up services to South West London residents that can help to temporarily secure the property while waiting on major parts or insurance approval. We can undertake all manner of remedial work for Putney SW15 properties that need burglary repairs including door and door lock repairs, frame repairs, garage door repairs, glass door repairs, and safe repairs.

We can also undertake the same window and door lock repairs, even if there was no burglary. In some cases, like lockouts, it is common for people to try forced entry which results in a damaged door and worse.

We highly recommend that if you have lost your keys or are struggling with a door that gets stuck, you call on our emergency services to resolve the matter. Using brute force can often lead to far more expensive and extensive damage than if you called in a specialist. We always start with the most non-destructive means of gaining entry, like lock picking, so that you do not need to suffer the extra cost of door and door lock repairs.

Services Offered

Emergency Lock Repairs or Replacement

Whenever forced entry occurs, there is typically damage done to a window or door lock. Our London locksmiths can come in to assess the damage and determine if burglary repairs will be needed. While it can be simpler to undertake door lock repair, we highly recommend that whenever a home or commercial premises has been invaded, you replace the locks just in case the burglars did gain access to your keys. Our locksmiths can undertake replacement service for both windows and doors.

If money is tight, you may opt to have the lock rekeyed to ensure whatever copy of keys the burglars might have accessed, they will not work on the premises again. If the lock is too damaged for lock repair or you simply want an upgrade, we can perform lock replacement immediately. Our locksmiths carry a full range of high security locks that you can choose from.

Door Repairs or Replacement

If your doors in Putney have been bothering you and made it difficult to lock or unlock them, we can help provide the necessary emergency door repairs that will get them back in good working condition. If the damage is a result of a burglary, we can also offer the same emergency door repair service to try and restore its functionality and appearance.

It does not matter what kind of door your Putney SW15 property has. Our locksmiths are also trained in carpentry, joinery and fabrication works that can be used to fix damaged doors of all types. Even for glass patio doors, sliding doors, composite doors, and uPVC doors, we do offer glazing services to replace broken glass. We can undertake single and double glazing repairs.

Our door repair service can also take care of replacing other damaged parts including door handles and door locks. Different types of doors have different types of locks. For instance, the locks used on aluminium doors will differ from what is fixed on wooden doors. Our locksmiths carry a stock of all major types of locks including euro cylinders, mortise locks, rim locks, multi-point locking systems, and deadbolts. Whatever type of quality lock you need from a major brand, we have got it.

Boarding Services

If your home or commercial properties have been burglarized, you need to act fast to secure them. Our boarding up services are designed to ensure a quick assessment of the situation and bringing in of the needed materials that will get your property well-secured from further invasion as you wait on a new door and locks.

You may not want to undertake any serious repair work until the police have had a chance to do their forensics and your insurer makes their assessment. Boarding is a professional service that acts to temporarily secure possible entryways like windows and doors as you wait to be able to carry out permanent repairs and install a new door. It is useful in safeguarding your Putney SW15 property in the meanwhile and discouraging other criminal acts like vandalism.

This is an emergency service that we respond to promptly. Call us immediately so our locksmith can quickly get there and make his assessment before boarding up is done. Our locksmiths operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so whatever time or day of the week this happens, do not hesitate to get in touch immediately.

Why Burglars Could Be Targeting Your Home

Weak Locks

Burglars will often test the lock of your main or other external doors to see if it would be much of a challenge to get through. When you have a weak or poor quality lock installed, it serves as encouragement for them to go for it. Installing high security locks on your doors is key to deterring burglars.

Poor Glazing

Single glazed doors and windows can often provide an easy means for a burglar to get into a property since the glass is easy to break. Investing in triple or double glazed windows and doors can help discourage intruders as they are harder to break. Security is further enhanced when this is complemented by high security locks on the windows and doors.

Dark Areas Around the Property

Dark areas provide concealment for intruders. They are a good place for them to hide as they scope out the compound and attempt to break in through doors and windows. If you find outdoor lighting adds too much to your utilities, consider cutting back on bushes around these areas and investing in motion sensor lighting around the doors and windows. This will discourage a burglar as he will be illuminated if he gets too close.

Unsecured Valuables

People often lose valuable because they leave them in the open. Opportunistic burglars often get lucky when they can find jewellery and other expensive items just lying around. Investing in a safe is a good way to ensure your most prized possessions are difficult to get to even by a burglar that made his way in.

Signs of Absence

When you travel away from your home or close up your office for a while, people can often tell. From the full mailbox to prolonged darkness in the house during evening hours, there are ways burglars can determine that you are away and use this as an opportunity to break in.

How to Better Secure Your Home

Invest in high quality locks

High quality locks are difficult to crack. Be especially cautious of the locks on your external doors and windows. These are often the first entry points burglars target.

Lock windows

People often forget to lock windows when leaving the home. Form the habit of always locking your windows and upgrading to high security aftermarket window locks. Many manufacturer installations are flimsy and end up requiring window and door repairs to fix or replace. You can also install a glass break sensor to let you know if there is an intrusion and add window bars as a deterrent.

Install a security system

Depending on how your home or office is laid out and designed, you should consider installing some kind of security system in your Putney SW15 property. This can include features such as deadbolts, spy holes, CCTV surveillance cameras, motion sensors, and more.

Buy a safe

A safe is a great way to protect your valuables even if a burglar gets past a broken door or window. They are typically fire-proof, water-proof, and heavy enough to make it difficult for a burglar to easily get away with. Keep it in a hidden spot and anchored, and you will have less to worry about. Do not be too concerned if at some point you end up forgetting the combination or losing the key. We offer safe opening services that will let you regain access to your valuables in no time.

Safeguard your garage

This is an often-overlooked security risk as more burglars are now using this entrance than front doors to discreetly gain entry to homes. Garage door repair services can be avoided by also upgrading to an extra high security door lock here and installing a driveway alarm.

Cut back the landscaping

Bushes, trees, flowers, and other sizable landscaping features can often be used as hiding spaces for intruders. Consider keeping these features on a smaller size and away from your house. If not possible or desirable, be sure to invest more in high security locks for your windows and doors as an added security measure. This can help discourage intruders and reduce the risk of having to engage in window and door repair services.

Why Call SMS Locksmiths After A Burglary

Fast Response Time

Our locksmiths in Putney SW15 work in shifts to ensure round the clock availability. This means that no matter the time of day or day of the week, you can call us for locksmith services such as emergency door repairs and we will be able to immediately dispatch someone to your home or commercial premises. With some of our team constantly being on the road, they may be close enough to your location to arrive within minutes of your call.

Forensic Locksmith Services

Whenever we arrive at a burglary scene, we are careful in how we assess as we wait on the police to complete their forensic work. This allows us to ascertain what will be needed for boarding up without interfering with evidence collection. Our locksmith will work in gloves to help ensure no interference with fingerprint taking at the scene.

Boarding Services

Our boarding up services will help to secure your premises as you wait for permanent repairs to be done. This is particularly important if you have large glass doors that face the front or street side of the property. Some people may lack the funds to undertake such work and may need to wait for insurance approval. However, in the meantime, boarding up is advisable to avoid the appearance that the property is not secure.

Upgrade Your Security

We specialise in developing customised security systems for homes and businesses. We can provide a free security survey to assess your security needs and factoring in the budget, will come up with a range of options that will ensure your property is better secured. This can include CCTV systems, deadbolts, burglar alarms, motion sensor lights and much more.

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