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5 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Home Security

If your home is not secure enough, intruders might find a way to break into your home. They can steal valuables and cause damage, but, even worse, you and your family may also be at risk if you’re home.

The good news is that the vast majority of burglars are looking for an easy job. After all, they want to stay out of prison. This means that even some easy upgrades can help give your home a considerable security boost.

Here are 5 of the best.

1. Put Up Security Signs

The best way to deal with intruders is to deter them from intruding in the first place. As we mentioned, most burglars want an easy job so the right security systems can encourage them to move on and look for easier opportunities.

This makes it a good idea to use signage to let people know you’re protected. Make sure the signage is in an easy-to-see location, and that its message is clear. Some people have even used fake signage to try to deter intruders, but its effectiveness is debatable.

2. Get New Locks

Locks will gradually wear down over time, potentially making it easier to break them open. As such, getting new locks from time to time is a good idea. Not only will new locks be tough enough to resist attempted break-ins, but they will also use the latest technology that makes them harder to crack.

It’s important to get the right type of lock, and external locks especially should be a high-security variety. You should also remember the locks on your windows; all burglars need is one weak spot, and they could gain entry to your property.

3. Install Door Cameras and Speakers

When you open the door, you instantly become more vulnerable because you’ve removed a barrier between yourself and the people outside. Some criminals will take advantage of this and force their way into a property after getting somebody to open the door.

A simple solution is to install door cameras and speakers, so you know whose at the door without opening it. The system will also offer additional privacy, and some apps will let you use the camera and speaker remotely.

4. Add External Lights

Burglars tend to want to keep out of sight for as long as possible to help prevent anybody from seeing them. In addition, unlit bushes, cars, and other objects outside a home could give intruders cover as they attempt to break in.

A simple yet effective solution is to use external lights that will give potential intruders no place to hide, helping to keep your property safe. You could even consider motion-activated external lights that will turn if potential intruders are detected.

5. Install Security Cameras

Security cameras are another very effective tool for protecting your home. For one thing, there’s the deterrent factor, with few criminals willing to be caught in the act on video. For another, security cameras can be extremely useful in helping the authorities identify and apprehend suspects.

Security cameras don’t necessarily need to be expensive, but you do need to place them in the right locations. Make sure they cover all exit/entry points to your property, and make sure they’re visible to help deter criminals from even trying.

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